Thinking About a Vacation to California

Hi everybody, so it’s about that time after over a year in Guatemala that I start to think about home. Well, actually I was thinking about Tahoe really more than home being Martinez or San Diego, but California nonetheless. Anyway, I’m pretty sure at this point that I’m going to come back to visit during the Summer (like maybe the last 2 weeks of July, but very flexible), I just have to hammer out some dates and activities. My thoughts were to fly into LAX and then head down to San Diego to see friends and family down there for a few days to a week. Then I would make my way up the central coast to see other family near SLO, then from there get up to the Bay Area and see the rest of family and friends. Finally after 2 weeks or so of exhausting traveling, eating, and hopefully some volleyball action, fly back to Guatemala from SF.

I’d welcome any input on this plan, especially suggestions for times/dates (like, tell me if you’re going to be in town and if you want to see me or take me out to dinner :P ). Any offers of rides or places to stay would also be welcome, as are ideas of fun stuff to do. I don’t want to over-schedule myself and my first priority is seeing all of you, but it would be nice to have a few activities planned, or at least ideas of activities. Write me a note here, on facebook, or send me an email please!




Catherine said...

Let me know when you will be in CA so I can coordinate my trip as well!

Warner Carter said...

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