Photos: Sexto Magisterio

6th grade Magisterio (teacher training) is like senior year of high school here. There are 6 grades in primary school, 3 years in basic school (middle school) and then 3 years in a career training school. At the school I work at we offer primary, basic, and high school in training teachers. There are a bunch of different tracks that students can focus on for their final three years, but this is the only one (for now) that we offer. This is the second graduating class of teachers for the "Centro de Formacion Nuevos Mayas". We took these photos a couple days ago for them to include in a few presentations.

From left to right:
Back row: Juan Velazco, Gaspar (Kax), Nelson
Front row: Teadora, Ana Isabela, Argelia, Tabita

Ana Isabela, 22, one of my best female friends.

Kax, 17, one of my best male friends


The guys


Me and my girls from Chiul, a town a couple hours away

I handed the camera off to Kax, who picked up photography rather quickly, and now I turn to him to explain to anybody else how to work it. He speaks Spanish, K'iche', and Ixil.

Me and the guys, Nelson (L) Juan Velasco (M) and Kax (R)

Three scholarship students through "New Mayas Society" Ana Isabela, Juan Velasco, and Teadora

Me, Teadora, Argelia, Ana Isabela, and Tabita: just the girls

I don't know what these guys were doing but one (Juan Velazco, the one on top) really really wanted to balance somehow on the other one (Nelson)

Me and my basketball buddy Kax

Pyramid of hombres

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