Finishing up Training

Saturday 2.27.10

Today I rode the camioneta for the first time by myself. I went to Antigua in the morning to work on my own computer and I got a good couple hours done. This past week has been full of work and full of more stresses than ever before. And I can feel the inter-group tenses beginning which doesn’t really help because we’re having to work a lot together these next few weeks and petty feuds are not helping.

We have two more weeks to finish our projects for our training town: produce promotional materials, give charlas, and write an annual plan for the group of women weavers here, and write lesson plans and an annual plan for those in charge of environmental education. I don’t feel like we really have the time to do either of these things well and especially not both of them. Things just take a lot longer to get off the ground than I ever thought. We really could have started working two weeks ago and been on the exact same page as we are now, with nearly two months of work under our belt.

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