FBT Day 5 -More “Field” Less “Charlas”, Please

Thursday 2.18.10

This is a direct translation out of my Spanish diary for today:

This morning there were more, guess what? Charlas! That’s right, more charlas. I’m sick and tired of charlas. And during the afternoon, more charlas! Except this time I didn’t have to participate in those in the afternoon. Instead, we went for a walk through the hills of Samac with two of the local children Sandra and Lady. We went in a large group but we split up into smaller groups based on our walking speed. I was in the slow group with another gringo friend and the two young girls, but I enjoy taking my time to enjoy my environment and take photos.

I also enjoy walking through nature with children. They get excited about everything, want to learn anything, and have really good eyes. Kids can find interesting things in nature that I would never be able to. They see the world in a different way. I hope that my work with the Peace Corps will allow me to be in nature with kids. I have a lot to teach and I also every time I go out with different people I learn something new. Or they simply astonish me with what they already know.

During the nighttime we had to listen to yet even more charlas.

Charlas received today: 5.5 hours

Charlas involved in this week: 18 hours

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