An Interesting Dream

Monday 6.7.10

We were all marching in a single-file line through a building that had a lot of twists and turns and stairs. I was at the end of the line. Everybody was singing a song, some sing-a-long, where one person sings the first part and then the chorus sings the same verse all together afterwards. Only, the chorus sang the first part and one person sang the same verse after that, in a fancy, voice-fluctuating, over the top vibrato, American-idol-wannabe sort of way. She was annoying. We kept singing until we all reached a large living room at the top of the building with a lot of sofas on which everybody sat. I found my fellow Peace Corps buddy Chad and sat on the couch with him. He pulled out a green laminated folder, roughly the size and design of a restaurant menu, with yellow writing in Hebrew on the cover. It had song lyrics in Hebrew also on the pages which apparently everybody else knew how to read and sing. How did I know what language they were in? Well, in dreams, this is stuff you just know and don’t question.

After we were done singing I went downstairs to find another Peace Corps buddy Trent setting up a pink grass volleyball net on a perfectly groomed large lawn. When I asked where he got it, he said somebody brought it to him from the states. I told him he had no idea how happy I was (I have now not played volleyball in over 5 months).

I continued walking down the hall of a hotel, presumably the hotel we were all staying at, to find a bunch of other people waiting for a meal in the dining room. The dining room was pretty fancy, with white linens and little reddish pink flowers in softball sized spherical vases on every table. I recognized all of the faces as fellow Peace Corps Volunteers I have meet in the past few months. I talked with another friend, Jordan, who was rooming with some girl I went to high school with, though I was never friends with her nor have I spoken to her in the past six years. We decided to go to Chad’s house, which was just down the street.

We entered through the garage door, and stacked in his garage were hundreds and hundreds of cardboard boxes filled with egg cartons. He couldn’t stop complaining about the price of eggs and how difficult it was going to be to make a good profit off of all the eggs he has.

We all walked back to the park where the volleyball net was still being set up, only now the lawn had converted itself sand, so now we were setting up the net and lines in sand. We finished setting up, I grabbed a ball and a partner to warm up. We started throwing, warming up our arms, practicing our topspin, and…just as I tossed the ball to my partner to start peppering…I woke up.

I had to pee really bad.

Incredibly disappointing.

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