Photos: Tour of My Site Part 2

Continued from my walk toward the soccer field. You can see another little road running parallel to the one I'm on off there in the distance. Also just a foot path

The house of my counterpart's mom and dad and some of their other relatives. They have a little store where they sell sodas and cookies and sweets, but not much. There are also always and I mean always people there. It seems to be the hangout of all the young people in this family.

There's a creek that runs perpendicular to the road I'm on right before you get to the soccer field. It's a popular place to graze your livestock.

Soccer field

Basketball courts in the distance, and the big building on the left I believe is another school.

The wood house on the left belongs to my counterpart's brother. It has a dirt floor and is incredibly cold, otherwise I'd like to live in it. Actually the dirt floor I wouldn't mind. The cold, very much so.

A little ways past the wooden house is a path that takes you to this green house at the top of the hill. This is the house I covet, but I don't know if Peace Corps regulations will be okay with me renting it. It's not within 50 meters of a neighbor (less than 100 though, maybe they'll make an exception...)

Another neighbor. If happy cows come from California, than angry cows come from Guatemala. This bull does not look happy.

My dream-house.

An unfinished addition. This is where I plan to keep my chickens.

The view to the South-East from the green house

View to the South-West

A couple more friends

Back here at the intersectin, now I'm following the original road straight up towards the Church.

The building where we sell our stuff, and on the top floor lives the aunt and uncle and their kids.

A young corn plant

From the Catholic church I can see:

1) The parking lot where the micrubuses wait to take you to Nebaj, the municipal salon, and the house on the left is where we grind the corn to make masa, or tortilla dough

2) The church in the foreground, and my house in the very back - the white one that's two stories

3) The house without electricity where my counterpart's family used to live

4) Almost all of the town. The road to the left is where I started the tour, the road to the right takes you to the soccer field. On the very very leftest of the photo you can see a few specs of white: that's the institute.

My house

My room is on the upstairs on the right-hand side

The street that runs by my house and takes you into the fields

A few views from the balcony:

The two neighbors' stores

The neighbor's house

Later this month: a tour of the inside of my house and photos of my family

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