Tamale Day aka 3 Week Aniversary

The three week mark. Today was tamale day again. It’s my favorite day of the week.

I spent the morning doing a community exchange with another group of trainees, in which we visited their town for an hour, then they visited our town for an hour. I also got my first taste of a choco-banana today. That makes two delicious food-things that I ate today. The choco-banana costs Q 0.25, which is about US $.03. Yes, three cents for half of a perfectly ripe and delicious banana dipped in chocolate, frozen, and served on a stick. I must find a location in which to buy these marvels in my town. I spend the afternoon making tamales, making tortillas, reading, and napping. It was all-in-all a wonderful Saturday.

My accomplishments as of today: I can now, regularly, make circular tortillas without holes in them that are the proper thickness. I can read a page in my book, in Spanish, and understand the gist of it without needing to consult my dictionary. I can have a conversation about a current event and be competent enough to understand the main points about what is going on and even ask a few questions. I can walk around my town at dusk and run into somebody I know or recognize and have a conversation with them.

Tomorrow I will eat tamales for breakfast.

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Andrew Douglas Morton Ferrier said...

It is great to read your news about a very different world. I'm glad you're doing so well. It is wonderful that you've learned so much so fast.

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